CWK Consulting Services is your HR specialist for Small and Mid-sized organizations in York Region

Quite often, Human Resources has a blurry presence in many small to medium sized businesses. Unless a business employs a dedicated HR professional, the burden of countless important matters is typically cast to the side until an issue arises. The most common error is the notion that employers and general managers can take up day-to-day “people issues” as they come, replacing the need for an HR presence.

The reality is, not having a qualified HR professional that stays up to date on new laws and changes can have complex and costly consequences. With CKW HR Consulting Services, we deal with the issues employers and general managers are simply not trained to handle. Instead of focusing too much time trying to fix employee problems and performance issues, employers are afforded more time to focus on running the business.  When it comes to critical specialties such as legal, we are consistently building on our strong network of HR resources to be able to extend these professional connections to our clients. We are the one centralized resource you need, providing all the up to date tools and templates your business may need to access.

At CKW HR Consulting Services, access to affordable HR support means we are there when you need us, either remotely or on site, whatever works best for you. But don’t worry about being invoiced for every call, that’s not how we operate. In the early stages of our relationship, we will work to build up organizational capacity and make your business more self-sufficient from the start by setting up customized policies and processes for you and your team, and giving you access to our many tools and templates. This way no one has to sweat the small stuff, and you can leave us to worry about taking on your business’ more legal people issues and difficult tasks.