Talent Management

What is Talent Management and why would I need it?

Talent Management is a program flow that demonstrates your businesses commitment to hire, manage, train and keep your talented and productive people. It is a collection of your business systems and procedures that relies on employee involvement . A good Talent Management program provides the best approach to the talent life cycle which is from the first thought of hiring a person to ending the employment relationship.
Since a small workforce relies on fewer employees it is imperative that they have the skills and are well trained. The performance of these employees is the performance of your business. A Talent Management program is a proactive approach to producing a superior product or service and meeting your customers’ expectations.

What is Catherine’s approach?

Each Talent Management program is designed to fit the need of your business. It can be detailed or a more basic program to get you on the right Talent Management track. Catherine is a Certified Talent Management Practitioner who can help you through this process and design it to your specific business needs.
Here’s how we would begin to design a Talent Management program that is best suited for your business:

  • Identify your business goals and what talent is required to meet those goals
  • Sourcing and attracting the best talent
  • Recruiting and selecting the right talent
  • Employee Retention Plan
  • Performance Management (training & development)
  • Succession Planning
  • Ending Employment Relationship

A business with a Talent Management process is better equipped and more prepared than their competition. Allow us to help you quickly adapt to changes demanded by your customers.