Workplace Investigations

Why do we need Workplace Investigations?

Did you know that under Ontario legislation, Workplace Investigations are mandatory in cases that claim workplace violence, workplace harassment, fraud or any other acts of dishonesty? Courts expect a specific process to be followed to ensure fairness and unbiased inspection findings.  By failing to conduct the Workplace Investigations properly, the investigation and findings could do harm to your case instead of providing sound evidence.

For Example: If two employees get into an altercation and one shoves the other before any discipline or decisions are made, a full Workplace Investigations must take place.  In a similar case, a company failed to do a Workplace Investigations and instead simply put one employee on a performance improvement plan. Regardless of the fact that the Ontario Court of Appeal ruled employers and supervisors aren’t liable in the affliction of their employees’ mental distress, the employee was still awarded damages for constructive dismissal, along with $45,000 for mental suffering.

Why hire Catherine to conduct a Workplace Investigation?

Catherine holds a Workplace Investigations certification and is fully trained to conduct an investigation in accordance with Ontario requirements.

Catherine’s Tip: Don’t wait until you need a lawyer. Be proactive, save your money and call us today.